Hey guys! It's definitely been a while hasn't it! Let me explain... So over the course of the past 3 weeks I've been working on Map 3, after finding out of the multiple issues that you guys were experiencing in Map 2 I started to immediately work on the next map, the reason why I haven't fixed anything or the reason why you guys haven't seen me in game much is due to me putting all my effort into Map 3. I haven't sorted out the existing bugs in Map 2 as most of the issues in that map were going to go in Map 3 as they will no longer be features.

Anyway, now to the good news. We've finally completed Map 3 to ensure we've optimised the performance, I will also be back on daily change logs and make sure that I'm on the server a lot more! We have mainly focussed on rebuilding the foundations of the server that will be explained down below.

Map 3 Features

Brand New Skyblock Plugin

I think the biggest thing as I mentioned was to re-build the foundations of the server, the biggest issue that we had in Map 2 was the crap skyblock plugin that we installed, the plugin wasn't written effectively, it didn't offer things like member upgrades and just the overall performance wasn't great, it actually started to delete some of our players islands, which of course is game breaking. We've installed a brand new skyblock plugin and after extensive research and testing, I am proud to say that this will be the perfect chance for Dragonblock to make it up to you. Using /is help in game will show you the vast amount of commands that the plugin has to offer.

Performance / Optimisations

As you guys probably know, in terms of performance, we weren't the best in Map 2, having really intensive plugins such as break hoppers did cause the server a lot of lag, and due to that reason we had no choice but to remove it for Map 3, we had to strip it down to the basics so do expect a lot more smoother gameplay.


Now this was going to be the highlight of Map 3 but due to some delays and complications we've decided to delay this even further to Map 4, I will definitely not be releasing half tested, I will only make sure that the best is released otherwise it will only just cause more issues. But more information regarding this new feature will be given when I am able to do so.

Hey guys, hope you all had an incredible few weeks! Here's what's been fixed over the course of September!

September Change Log:

  • Added dollar sign to the scoreboard
  • Went through every auto message to make sure there’s no weird colours
  • Added lapis and redstone blocks to stackable items
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t access kits through the GUI
  • /hopper and /hoppers can now be used to access the GUI
  • Fixed the issue when users jumped off spawn they’d get into an endless loop of death
  • Fixed an issue with /rewards
  • Sell chest message has now updated
  • Sell chests now auto sell every 10s
  • Sell chests now send you a message every 15 mins with the total sum you’ve made
  • Fixed the Russian text that showed every time you did /anvil without permission.
  • Fixed an issue with monthly kit cool down
  • Fixed an issue where users could access /ce
  • Blocked off /enchanter
  • Added new auto broadcasts
  • Auto broadcasts now happen every 30s as suppose to 2 mins
  • Added a gapplecooldown of 60s
  • Added colour / bold formats to /nick
  • Fixed issue with permission nodes from dragon level 3+
  • Increased nick length from 15 to 18
  • Allowed users to use /token ban [name]
  • Fire has thankfully fixed rank weightings, you should no longer lose your prefix
  • Fixed slight inconsistencies with colour codes with the auto-broadcasts
  • You can now repeat farming quests every 5 days
  • New anti cheat
  • Keep inventory is now disabled at /warp pvp
  • Scoreboard is back
  • Dragon Level 4 & 7 permissions fixed
  • Cooldown for /heal and /fix have reduced to 30 mins
  • All players can now buy/sell from chestshops
  • /fix and /heal cool down fixed
  • Fixed an issue where island border upgrades + generator upgrades where not taking the users money
  • Break Hoppers have been drastically nerfed, from breaking every 4s to 8s.
  • Removed all auto messages that no longer apply, i.e /qb toggle, [WELCOME]
  • Dragon Level placeholder on the scoreboard has now been fixed
  • All of pet messages have now been re-vamped to suit the server
  • /dailyreward NPC at spawn has been fixed. Click the charged creeper everyday for your daily key
  • Added new auto message for /is vote [name]
  • Sell Wands no longer have a cool down
  • Slight error with daily kit fixed
  • Re-vamped dragon level 5
  • New [item] plugin
  • Fire has kindly combined both the welcome messages
  • /rewards has been updated, Mage Kit replaced with Break Hopper
  • Mcstats, inspect and mcrank will now all show in chat when the command is used
  • Fixed an issue with the {TOTAL} place holder when users would /vote
  • Increased hopper amounts in /rewards
  • Link in /rules should now work
  • Fixed an issue with the magic crate not giving out gear
  • Fixed issue with /ranks not charging the right amounts
  • If you have a playtime of over 6 hours, you will no longer see messages from bots (to be tested) (will be implemented after scheduled restart)
  • Notch Apples now have a cool down of 30s
  • Nether warts have been added to crop hoppers
  • Sell All has been added to the store
  • /sell all has been added to dragon lord
  • /sell hand and /sell hand all has been added to Supreme+
  • Descriptions have been updated in the store to accommodate ^
  • Implemented Mob Cash
  • Issue with one of the words in the chat game has been fixed
  • Added token extensions to mob cash plugin
  • You can now see a users MCMMO level under there name
  • When you level up with MCMMO you will no longer see the scoreboard for a few seconds

Map 1 Winners
The time has finally arrived! We've just wrapped up Map 1 a few minutes ago and it's definitely been a rollercoaster of a map! I just thought I'd quickly post something on the website to document our winners! We will be releasing Map 2 tomorrow at about 8am EST, I'm looking forward to see you guys there tomorrow! Here are the winners of Map 1:

1st [​IMG] 09FireDragon (Island Level 226450)
2nd [​IMG] IAFChaos (Island Level 115998)
3rd [​IMG] super_keukenrol (Island Level 86788)

How do I receive my reward?
If the winners could contact me via discord that would be amazing, anyone who has an island level of 15,000+ please contact me as you will receive $5 PayPal regardless of whether you are in the top island rankings.