August Monthly Change Log

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    Hello guys, so if you are on discord you probably know that a lot has been fixed ever since we opened, I just thought I'd compile all the changes into one post so anyone that visits the website, who isn't on the discord server for what ever reason, is able to see the changes made. Also a really nice way for me to see what's been done over the month of August.

    So to summarise this post in one paragraph, in the past month, the main things that have been changed is the token shop, implementing a new custom feature called dragon stone, made new graphics for the server (this includes the logo, banner, static banner and other elements), revamping /help and /warps and so much more.

    August Change Log (1st August - 29th August 2019)

    • Issues been fixed where you couldn’t build at y = 0 without being teleported back to your island
    • Creepers and enderman no longer stack
    • Tokenshop has been released
    • /warp has been fully re-vamped
    • Warp inside/outside have been removed
    • Warp pvp has been added and a platform has been built to drop into war zone
    • Zombie pigman no longer stack
    • /help has been fully re-vamped
    • Zombie pigman now have a 75% chance of dropping anywhere between 1-2 gold ingots!
    • Added chat reaction
    • Added auto-sell chests
    • Fixed a small typo in generators
    • Re-vamped the server chat
    • Added new rainbow chat ability
    • Updated the sword in token shop from Sharp V to Sharp VI
    • Fixed an issue with creeper explosions breaking blocks at /warp pvp
    • Fixed a few inconsistencies in /shop with the prismarine shards
    • Added lockette plugin (you are now able to private your chests, simply place a sign infront of it)
    • Fixed an issue where players weren’t able to send any messages/reply to any messages in-game
    • Increase the lapis + redstone drop count with the break block hopper
    • Fixed an issue where you would lose your inventory when falling off your island in the nether
    • Edited a few features in the website
    • Sell-wands in the store have had their usages increased to 750 and 1500 respectively, prices have also fallen for them.
    • Diamond and emerald sell prices have increased
    • Autopickup has been fixed and added back to the store
    • Lava speed / crop growth has now been doubled
    • Added a few official documentation to the website, like ban appeals and staff applications.
    • Added new /trade plugin
    • Released new banner and server logo
    • Released the brand new website *
    • In the hopes of becoming more accessible to new players, all “custom” features in the token shop will have a lore explaining what the purpose of the item is.
    • A few edits on the website have been made
    • Went through all the descriptions of the packages on the store to ensure that each have their relevant descriptions and made sure that these were consistent and updated with what’s in game
    • Issues regarding the command /token shop has been fixed *
    • The server animated logo has been released.
    • All swear words have now been unfiltered, please note that a few will be added back.
    • All crates now have their relevant lores for custom items, I’m hoping that this will make the crates a lot friendlier to new starters who probably have no idea of the features that we have.
    • You can …. FINALLY click links if you do /register and /store, /website or anything along the lines of that, literally took me 3 hours to figure out how to do it!
    • We have now implemented a no cheat plugin
    • Re-vamped the /baltop
    • Drop counter has been removed
    • We now have join/leave messages
    • Final pieces of graphics have been announced
    • Demon has now changed from green to red
    • Updated discord icon
    • Updated discord rank colours
    • Suggestions channel removed from discord
    • Server supporter role has been removed
    • Added unscramble in the chat games,
    • Fixed a disconnect.spam issue that kicks players to messaging too fast

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