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    If you believe you have been unfairly punished, you can create a punishment appeal. Remember that using correct grammar, being polite and providing evidence to prove your innocence will result in you having a higher chance of getting unpunished. Please note that staff members may deal with appeals differently, and not everyone will follow a set of criteria - it's up to the staff member who punished you. If you were punished by a staff member who is no longer part of the staff team, a Senior Moderator or Administrator will take care of that appeal.

    Also please note that a staff member will reply to your appeal as soon as possible. Staff members (excluding Administrators) have up to 3 days to reply to your appeal. Creating multiple appeals and spam replying to existing tickets will result in appeal privileges being revoked.

    Ban Appeal Format:

    What's your username?
    Which staff member banned you?
    What was the date of the ban?

    What was the reason behind your ban?
    Do you take responsibility for your actions?
    Why should you be unbanned?
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