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    Hey guys, hope you all had an incredible few weeks! Here's what's been fixed over the course of September!

    September Change Log:

    • Added dollar sign to the scoreboard
    • Went through every auto message to make sure there’s no weird colours
    • Added lapis and redstone blocks to stackable items
    • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t access kits through the GUI
    • /hopper and /hoppers can now be used to access the GUI
    • Fixed the issue when users jumped off spawn they’d get into an endless loop of death
    • Fixed an issue with /rewards
    • Sell chest message has now updated
    • Sell chests now auto sell every 10s
    • Sell chests now send you a message every 15 mins with the total sum you’ve made
    • Fixed the Russian text that showed every time you did /anvil without permission.
    • Fixed an issue with monthly kit cool down
    • Fixed an issue where users could access /ce
    • Blocked off /enchanter
    • Added new auto broadcasts
    • Auto broadcasts now happen every 30s as suppose to 2 mins
    • Added a gapplecooldown of 60s
    • Added colour / bold formats to /nick
    • Fixed issue with permission nodes from dragon level 3+
    • Increased nick length from 15 to 18
    • Allowed users to use /token ban [name]
    • Fire has thankfully fixed rank weightings, you should no longer lose your prefix
    • Fixed slight inconsistencies with colour codes with the auto-broadcasts
    • You can now repeat farming quests every 5 days
    • New anti cheat
    • Keep inventory is now disabled at /warp pvp
    • Scoreboard is back
    • Dragon Level 4 & 7 permissions fixed
    • Cooldown for /heal and /fix have reduced to 30 mins
    • All players can now buy/sell from chestshops
    • /fix and /heal cool down fixed
    • Fixed an issue where island border upgrades + generator upgrades where not taking the users money
    • Break Hoppers have been drastically nerfed, from breaking every 4s to 8s.
    • Removed all auto messages that no longer apply, i.e /qb toggle, [WELCOME]
    • Dragon Level placeholder on the scoreboard has now been fixed
    • All of pet messages have now been re-vamped to suit the server
    • /dailyreward NPC at spawn has been fixed. Click the charged creeper everyday for your daily key
    • Added new auto message for /is vote [name]
    • Sell Wands no longer have a cool down
    • Slight error with daily kit fixed
    • Re-vamped dragon level 5
    • New [item] plugin
    • Fire has kindly combined both the welcome messages
    • /rewards has been updated, Mage Kit replaced with Break Hopper
    • Mcstats, inspect and mcrank will now all show in chat when the command is used
    • Fixed an issue with the {TOTAL} place holder when users would /vote
    • Increased hopper amounts in /rewards
    • Link in /rules should now work
    • Fixed an issue with the magic crate not giving out gear
    • Fixed issue with /ranks not charging the right amounts
    • If you have a playtime of over 6 hours, you will no longer see messages from bots (to be tested) (will be implemented after scheduled restart)
    • Notch Apples now have a cool down of 30s
    • Nether warts have been added to crop hoppers
    • Sell All has been added to the store
    • /sell all has been added to dragon lord
    • /sell hand and /sell hand all has been added to Supreme+
    • Descriptions have been updated in the store to accommodate ^
    • Implemented Mob Cash
    • Issue with one of the words in the chat game has been fixed
    • Added token extensions to mob cash plugin
    • You can now see a users MCMMO level under there name
    • When you level up with MCMMO you will no longer see the scoreboard for a few seconds
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