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    We’re finally here, after months of development we are finally ready to release DragonBlock, for those who may have come from any previous servers that I’ve owned, DragonBlock is a skyblock server with the USP of combining my love for Dragons with it. For those who have absolutely no idea about who I am, let me just introduce myself real quick, I’m Monjii, I’m 19 years old and I am currently in my 1st year of university studying Finance, I am based in the UK, well more specifically London. I won’t bore you for too long talking about myself but I really do like to establish a relationship with players, in most servers it’s almost rare that the server owner would actually get on and speak to their players and ask them what they want, but I’m really going to make that my main focus here.

    We have multiple features that really make the server enjoyable, some of which include Custom Ore Generators, Quests and Dragon Stone! We have tons more but they probably won’t mean a lot to you right now, shortly I will be adding a /feature command to really understand what makes us stand out from the crowd and also allows new players who have no idea what DragonBlock is, to have a greater understanding and maybe will help increase player retention.

    As always, since we are a brand-new server that has just released, is it very likely that you will come across a few bugs or maybe a few issues that hinder your gameplay. I’ve made sure that these bugs are minimised however if you do encounter a bug, please report them immediately to allow me to fix it. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the server and I’m looking forward to see each one of you there!

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