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    On DragonBlock, we want everyone to have the best experience possible. There are some rules and limitations that the staff team has made to help keep everything fair for everyone. Our server rules may be found below. Please remember that our rules are not limited to everything listed below! As we are not perfect and because it is not possible to list every possible way to violate the intent of the rules, we ask you to use common sense. If you see something that would typically be illegal on other networks, but is not specifically listed here, please do not attempt it. Also, keep in mind that staff have extensive training and that all punishments are issued at staff discretion … not players’.

    To appeal a punishment (without accusing staff of intentional wrongdoing) you may appeal here: https://dragonblock.org/forums/ban-appeals/

    Global Ban Offences:

    Hacked Clients
    ➥ The use, advertisement, or admission of hacked clients.

    Allowed modifications:
    Schematica (Not printer)
    Auto-clickers (Not for pvp and not including kill-aura)
    5Zig PVP mod
    Too Many Items/Not Enough Items
    Better Animations/Player Animations Mods
    Blocks3D Mod
    Gamma/Brightness mods (in which the only feature is gamma/brightness)
    Any mods which have no effect on gameplay (Ex. Better Sprint, Auto-respawn)
    Armor, Direction, and Status effect HUDs
    UHC Essentials
    Joystick mod (or other controller/gamepad mods)

    ➥ Advertising other servers, through chat, private messages, books, mail, or Discord.

    ➥ Intentional destruction of another players island in any form is not allowed. Staff will not roll back something that one of your teammates breaks or takes. Be careful who you trust!

    DDoS Threats / Doxing
    ➥ We take the safety of our players very seriously and thus do not allow others to threaten each other with DDoS attacks or releasing their private information. This does not include jokes between friends, but does include remarks such as "Your internet is about to lag" etc.

    Links to Shock / Inappropriate Content
    ➥ Any links which may lead to disturbing/inappropriate content are punishable with a temporary or permanent ban at the discretion of staff.

    Real World Trading
    ➥ Trading in-game items or services for real life money is not allowed.

    Inappropriate Usernames
    ➥ Inappropriate usernames are punishable with a ban until the username is changed. If it is a nickname, you may lose your permission. Inappropriate Item Names/Signs are not allowed in any form.

    ➥ Scamming is not permitted on DragonBlock. Scamming can include naming an item incorrectly and selling it in an auction house, or via other trade methods. Such as faking crate keys. Another method would be offering to pay a certain amount for an item but when you receive the item the buyer doesn't pay the money and vice versa.

    Abusing Glitches/Bugs
    ➥ Using any form of exploits/bugs or associating with anyone doing so is a bannable offence. We generously reward players who report game-breaking bugs.

    Mute / Ban Evasion
    ➥ This is when a player uses an alternate account, signs, books, etc. to bypass restrictions set on their main account. The alternate account, and players IP address will be muted/banned permanently. (Spamming features like /msg after being muted will result in a ban.)

    ➥ Purchasing anything in the store confirms agreement with the Donor rules.
    ➥ Ranks are non-transferable and non-returnable. Chargebacks will result in an automatic IP-ban.
    ➥ You may not use perks to abuse or take advantage of others.

    Ex. Using the nickname perk to pretend you are someone else and scam a player.

    Global Mute Offenses

    ➥ Spamming includes posting repeated messages to chat in quick succession, repeated nonsense, and excessive character drag.

    Inappropriate Speech
    ➥ While we like to give people some degree of expression, we don't allow people to be overly inappropriate in the chat as it can make others uncomfortable.

    ➥ Tricking or misleading players to issue commands such as /ci or [Alt][F4] falls under Trolling and is punishable at staff discretion.

    ➥ Intentionally bringing up sensitive topics to start arguments, make people emotional or harass other players is not allowed. If players make personal attacks on others rather than discussing the topic at hand, they risk punishment. (/ignore the annoying players!)

    Hate Speech
    ➥ Abusive or threatening behavior against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation is not allowed. Unlike most chat violations, staff give no warnings for true Hate Speech and the punishments quickly escalate.

    Note: Not all offensive, ill-informed, inflammatory statements or opinions are true Hate Speech and therefore may be warned or punished as disrespect, harassment, bullying, etc.

    ➥ Swearing to another player as an insult is NOT allowed. Passive swearing is allowed as long as it’s kept at a minimum.

    Impersonating Staff / Players
    ➥ Changing your nickname or otherwise saying you are someone you are not, is prohibited.

    ➥ Do not accuse another player of hacking in public chat. Report them directly to a staff member via Discord or in-game.

    ➥ DragonBlock uses American English as the official language. Foreign languages are to be spoken only in private or island party messages.

    ➥ If the permission is obtained, bold and italic formatting in nicknames may be used, however underlined or magic formats may not as they can cause chat to be covered up or flicker. You may not impersonate players or have inappropriate nicknames or the perk can be lost.

    Staff Related
    ➥ Do not ask to be promoted to staff.
    ➥ Do not disrespect or swear at staff.
    ➥ Do not spam a staff member in any way.
    ➥ Staff have the right to ask for proof.
    ➥ Complaints about staff should be taken to their higher up.
    ➥ Do not ask for ranks, items, or teleports from staff.

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