Map 1 Winners

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    Map 1 Winners
    The time has finally arrived! We've just wrapped up Map 1 a few minutes ago and it's definitely been a rollercoaster of a map! I just thought I'd quickly post something on the website to document our winners! We will be releasing Map 2 tomorrow at about 8am EST, I'm looking forward to see you guys there tomorrow! Here are the winners of Map 1:

    1st [​IMG] 09FireDragon (Island Level 226450)
    2nd [​IMG] IAFChaos (Island Level 115998)
    3rd [​IMG] super_keukenrol (Island Level 86788)

    How do I receive my reward?
    If the winners could contact me via discord that would be amazing, anyone who has an island level of 15,000+ please contact me as you will receive $5 PayPal regardless of whether you are in the top island rankings.
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