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    Hello guys, so you guys may have or may not have realised but I have completely re-vamped the server website, the last one, in my opinion did look at a little tacky and just wasn’t the most aesthetically appealing in my opinion. Fire, who some of you may not know is our systems administrator but he did also help edit a few things on the website to make things a lot better for you guys, so you should probably thank him.

    Why did we change the website?
    Apart from the reason I’ve mentioned above about the previous website not looking the best on the eye, there was also another big reason why I decided to change it, in my last servers that I’ve owned and just within Minecraft servers in general, there is a real lack of interaction on the website, people just tend to play on the server without even knowing that a server website exists. I really didn’t want that for DragonBlock, so for that reason I have spent a lot of time and money making sure that the website is perfect, making sure that it’s interactive (still to be worked on) and just making sure that there are no complications behind using it. I’m happy to say that we are about 80% of the way there, however there still is a lot to do, so if you feel like you could suggest ways to improve the website, feel free to give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do.

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